What we Do

Core Activities

The specific programs, projects and activities undertaken by IWAWA to achieve its stated mission and objectives, will be formulated in detail in programs/ project documents and in annual work/action plans. However, the following activities will always be prioritized in IWAWA work and programs/project implementation and will be undertaken as allowed by the capacity and the resources of the association:

Organizational Capacity development:

  • Development of the organizational capacity to effectively plan, implement, monitor and evaluate activities/projects for PWHA and Vulnerable groups affected by HIV/AIDS, and to fundraise for these.
  • Human resource development
  • Establishment and strengthening of a secretariat for administration and management of the association.

Prevention of HIV infection and Community Sensitization:

  • Community awareness raising
  • Sensitization and awareness raising among youth and women
  • Condoms distribution

Support for PLWHA

  • Facilitation of emotional / spiritual support groups/ networks for PLWHA
  • Facilitation of economic and material support to PWHA, orphans and other vulnerable people/ households
  • Facilitation of small scale income generating projects for PWHA and vulnerable households.
  • Facilitation and promotion of adult education

Advocacy and fundraising:

  • Lobby and advocate for adequate medical and health services for PLWHA.
  • Advocate for women empowerment to build women's confidence in HIV prevention

Networking and coordinating with relevant stakeholders to ensure coerced efforts.


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Education and Child Develoment facilitation

IWAWA runs an early childhood school that seeks to accord orphans and vulnerable children an equal opportunity at education as the rest of the other children.


Our Goals can be summarized in few sentences. We are convinced that we have chosen the right tools to work towards accomplishing our goals and we hope you will agree with us.


  • Through education, we want to gift poor children a self determined future
  • We want to bring a positive attitude towards the future to remote and poor regions of the world
  • We want to help Zambia   as a country on Its path to development
  • We enable families to help themselves
  • o   Create sponsorship programme to provide children with  a full time education and safe environment immediately .
  • Build a home that will raise , nurture & rehabilitate children age 4 and above .
  • Train and educate a committed & caring staff to help in raising well-nurtured children
  • Maintain our volunteer programme by bringing educated skilled and passionate volunteers to help in our development, while also securing sustainability in financial resources for help one child and associated projects.
  •    Promote education by partnering with classrooms globally to provide culture awareness, literacy and friendship in our pen-pal program

We invite you, to discuss with us our goals and ambitions. We are always happy about feedback and want to learn how to further improve in what we do.


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Widows and Widowers Association (IWAWA) is a registered community based organization working on mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS and advocating for health rights and equality for PLWHA in Itezh-tezhi district of  Zambia.IWAWA has  the coordinating role for CSOs operating within the HIV/AIDS sector in the district in order to supplement/complement each other rather than duplicate efforts to improve the social conditions for PLWHA. Since the inception of IWAWA 2008, IWAWA has taken the active role and centre stage in the area of HIV/AIDS in the District. The targeted groups are PLWHA and others who suffer negative social and economic marginalisation as a consequence of living in households affected by HIV/AIDS. IWAWA has highly experienced staff within HIV/AIDS, capacity building training, counselling, stigma, discrimination, advocacy, behaviour change, organizational development, strategy and communication as well as project development, planning, monitoring and evaluation. IWAWA has formed 16 self-help support groups which are at heart as they serve a platform which IWAWA uses to disseminate knowledge and information. IWAWA provides information about HIV/AIDS, safe sex practices, stigma and discrimination and the importance of being tested and adhering to ART, to the local community through self-help groups, targeted outreaches and weekly radio programs. IWAWA also supports  OVCs through small income generating activities. IWAWA has also established a clinic and a youth friendly corner which serves as a critical entry point to HIV prevention, treatment and care. IWAWA mainly conduct VCT outreaches combined with HIV and anti-stigma related campaigns and supervision of support groups. IWAWA has expanded its collaboration with local stakeholders and regional government offices. So far IWAWA has Implemented 3 donor funded   projects Highlighted below.

Making IWAWA Sustainable  2016-2017

The project provided capacity building to the Staff, Board, Peer educators, Key Volunteers,  support group members as trainer of trainers  in HIV/AIDS prevention, counselling, stigma, discrimination and communication. It reached 950 households affected / infected by HIV and 450 households through VCT outreaches which targeted the most rural communities. Furthermore, it aired radio programs with messages on HIV/AIDS, Efforts were made to ensure that female headed households  were given priority in the project  and positive action  taken in order to ensure  a high degree of women participated.

Community self-help project for PLWHA in Itezhi -tezhi District. 2015-2016

The project focused on construction of an office block in an excellent location, designed to provide stigma-free health services in a friendly, non-discriminatory environment, thereby increasing access to services for community members . The project  provided  psycho-social support, free HIV-testing and counselling to all age groups and educational daily care for children from families affected by HIV/AIDS.  Communication materials and condoms were being distributed and also conducting community outreaches to enable communities reduced on travelling long distance to access Health services. the project was implemented in partnership with AIDSFONDET.

Organized Voices:  strengthening advocacy, health rights and self-help for People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) Project in Itezhi-Tezhi District  2012-2014

The project was funded by Sex & Sundhed (CSS)The project aimed at developing basic organizational capacity of IWAWA as well as supporting IWAWA in extending its membership base and service delivery to the members.The activities fited very well with the Development Strategy which highlighted the importance of “improving capacities and supporting CBOs to become well-functioning in mitigating the impact of HIV and AIDS for PLWHA in ITT.  16 self -help support groups were established and actively running in 3 wards.The small  income generating activities supplemented household income for members

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Aims and objectives 

Ø  Provide love, food, shelter, clothing, education , safe drinking  ho2 medical care and career opportunities to orphaned and vulnerable  children.

Ø  Help to lower the number of street children

Ø  Reduce HIV/aids related cases, through education & prevention

Ø  Improve access to education for underprivileged children

Ø  Help children who are not academically inclined to acquired technical skills, which will allow them to support them selves in the future.

Ø  To close working relationship with the government rescue centers & children’s home in order to help provide the local community with the fundamentals needed in their society.


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